Enzyme-Genie – Biologically active products and solutions

Enzyme-Genie products are biodegradable and biologically active


Enzyme-Genie products improve waste treatment efficiency and operational robustness of the treatment processes


Enzyme-Genie Benefits

Enzyme-Genie has been proven to be highly effective in a number of different applications. The bacteria in the product produce the following enzymes that remove waste by breaking down organic solids thereby controlling odours in sewage and wastewater treatments and bio-remediation applications:



Assists with the breakdown of proteins


Assists with  the breakdown of fats


Assist with the breakdown of cellulose


Assists with converting starches to sugars

It is very important to not use any harsh chemicals such as strong acids or bases like bleaches, detergents, disinfectants and bowl cleaners as this will kill the bacteria. All the ingredients for effective bioremediation are included in the product.

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PitFix by Enzyme-Genie comes in a 2.6kg bucket as a 1 year supply including the shock treatment and maintenance dosage.
The bacteria in the product removes wastes, breaks down organic solids resulting in a dramatic reduction in smell and the presence of flies in both traditional pit latrines and septic tanks.

Enzyme-Genie product range

Pit Toilets

Enzyme-Genie will dramatically and quickly reduce the smell and in turn the flies by breaking down the waste. This results in a much better experience for the user as well as increasing the lifetime of the pit before it needs to be filled.

Septic Tanks

Enzyme-Genie’s blend of bacteria and enzymes will help improve the efficiency of septic tanks by accelerating the natural biological process. The bacteria and enzymes will feed on waste, including the fats and organic matter int he septic tank 

Grease Traps

Enzyme-Genie can help with  grease traps by digesting the grease which helps eliminate the odour and assist with the cleaning  and disposal of the grease.

Cleaning Products

Enzyme-Genie range of eco friendly biologically active cleaning products are designed to be highly effective as well as good for the environment which makes them perfect for the use with septic tank systems.

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