Recommended Dosage


Do not use any harsh chemicals such as strong acids or bases as this will kill the bacteria. All the ingredients for effective bioremediation are included in the product.


Initial shock treatment Maintenance Dosage Product Variant

Pit Toilets

Day 1 Use the big scoop, put 3 level scoops (150g) of PitFix.
Days 2-7 Using the small scoop, put 4 scoops (20g) daily.
Days 8-14 Using the small scoop put 3 scoops (15g)  daily.
Days 15-21 Using the small scoop put 2 scoops (10g) daily.
Days 22 -28 Using the small scoop put 1 scoop (5g) daily.

5g per day


Septic Tanks

100g per 1000 litres per week for 4 weeks 150g per week Powder
Sewage Plant 1-5 litre per MLD Liquid




Usage considerations:
Control pH ~ 7.00
Ensure that the treatment system is properly mixed.
Ensure the system has sufficient retention time for the waste load to be treated.
Ensure sufficient oxygen supply
In solids applications maintain moisture around 30%.
Do not use non-biodegradable detergents
Do not use anti-bacterial or biocidal (kill the good bacteria) products, as this will prevent the treatment from working.